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Gizmo Menjadi Tarikan Bintang di India

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Superbook has travelled across the Indian Subcontinent and reached 712,303 people with 2,523 events to date. Gizmo has been the star attraction among children and adults alike! From the hilly regions of the North Eastern states to the famous ‘Wahga Border’ between India and Pakistan, to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Superbook and Gizmo have won many hearts.

Superbook screenings have taken place in a variety of settings from village roads to open air theatres in Glitzy City Malls. Private schools, Government run schools, slum schools and after-school programmes have all experienced the wonderful world of Superbook. It’s amazing to see that Superbook is not just impacting one type of demographic and that it’s reaching children from all walks of life. Here’s just one quote from a child who has been impacted by Superbook:

“I learn that we should not give up on our dreams and everything is possible through God. Our dreams are important and our talents are given by God so we should not just use our talents however we want but for the love of God.”

Superbook has also been the official ‘Kids animation partner’ at India’s biggest kids’ carnival ‘The Krackerjack Karnival’ for 2016.

We have cast the vision for the Superbook Curriculum to be rolled out in different cities to introduce this unique tool to Sunday school teachers and other children’s missions. So far, training has taken place in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, North East Regions and Rajashthan . The team are not stopping there as they have plans to continue reaching more regions to train and equip Sunday School teachers to deliver the Superbook programme. One child’s response to the Sunday School programme is included below:

“It was fun and with this we can know more about God and I think it’s a great help.”

For the first time ever, the Production team promoted Superbook on a month long trip to the uncharted territories of North Eastern region of India from covering 4 major cities, Shillong, Dimapur, Wokha and Kohima. SB screenings and curriculum presentations took place in 27 venues including schools and churches reaching out to more than 10,000 children. Enviornment Day was celebrated in the Army School with Gizmo and tree plantations. This event even went live on Facebook.

A 13-Day-Superbook Camp was an initiative taken to make Bible teachings commonly available to the Government school children. Children attended a screening and took part in Superbook quizes and activities. They excitedly learn the  Super Truth and the Super Verse and got a take away gift at the end of the camp. We hope to do this on a wide scale with the help of volunteers.

Superbook in India really has won many hearts and impacted thousands of children. It goes far beyond just delivering excellent children’s work. We have a heart to impact children, help them find their purpose, realise their potential and give children confidence to be themselves.

“I was very shy and I was afraid of people to go on the stage but after this animation I am more confident.”

It’s stories like this that motivate us to do all that we do through Superbook across the world. If you are interested in being a part of what Superbook is doing, you can sign up to become a Superbook Partner at http://superbook.local/superbook-project/. By giving monthly, you are investing in the production of Superbook, translation of episodes, and above all, changing lives with the Gospel.

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