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Terms and conditions of using Superbook Family

  1. When you join, you can access the first season for free during the first year. A season of 13 episodes of Bible stories recommended for children ages 6-12.
  2. If you want to get access to the next season, then you can donate on a monthly or annual basis. We will use all of the donations you give to serve child discipleship in Malaysia. In this way, together we have done a great service to equip hundreds of families throughout Malaysia in raising a generation that loves God and loves God’s Word.
  3. When you agree to donate , you will get access to season two, season three and some other exclusive content.
  4. Don’t give your username or password to anyone other than your family. Use these materials honestly before God.
  5. Please enter a valid email address when joining. The email address that you entered is very much needed when making changes to your password .
  6. If you want to change password , you can choose ‘ forgot your password? ‘ and follow the steps.
  7. Changes of email address are allowed or done by the Superbook team. So contact us if there are changes related to phone numbers or email .
  8. Since the headline and notification have been sent to email you, it means that you agree to receive and confirm the email at the same time as joining.
  9. All material is copyrighted by CBN USA which is protected by law. We do not modify, reproduce and distribute any Superbook material without permission. We understand that all violations must be accounted for in accordance with applicable law.